PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: Kalu Insist Buhari Is Sitting On Stolen Mandate; Gives Proves

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The Director of Atikulated Agenda Worldwide, one of the foremost Pro-Atiku Support groups during and after the 2019 election, Chief Dr. Emeka C. Kalu, has lampooned Buhari who has on 29th May, 2019 been sworn in for a second term of office, OTV has reported.

According to Chief Kalu, Buhari’s body language and recent actions points to the fact that he know that he no longer has the people’s mandate to lead, that is why he is cutting corners and shifting from the proper way of doing things in Nigeria. We see different occurrences just out of the blue and we swallow it and move on as if all is well.

Kalu lamented that for the first time in the history of Nigeria, we have seen a Presidential Swear Ceremony where the President had nothing to say to his countrymen after oath of office, Nothing! Silence! Absolute Silence!

“I am still in a shock how a supposed President could just mount the podium, reel out vows (oath), and run away without saying ‘Jack’ to the Nation as a sign of carrying them along. Not even his usual 2015 charade of ‘I am for everybody, I am for nobody’.  That was not even forthcoming, though after, he become for somebody and a particular ‘Body’. This alone has proven that Buhari has a lot to hide. That is why he is shying away from facing the millions of Nigerians whom he has comprehensively failed”. He countered.

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Kalu also pointed out the fact that Nigeria’s Ex-Heads of State openly boycotted the shamble called inauguration, saying that this is a pointer that none of them support him because they know he is sitting on a stolen mandate through monumental rigging that has since been termed ‘Broad Day Robbery’.

“Nigerians are wiser, and Buhari is aware that he is riding against the tide. It is a matter of time before Atiku who is the rightful winner of the February Election takes over from him” Kalu boasted.

Continuing, Kalu lamented that Nigerians are dying of poverty and hunger brought upon them by the directionless and empty policy government of Buhari that has pummeled Nigerians to the highest degree of folly and economic quagmire.

“The most common news in Nigeria now is suicide, banditry, Kidnap, terrorist attacks and economic emasculation of opposition. Harassment and intimidation of dissenting voices through the machinery of the state that has become willing tools to the anarchy leashed upon Nigerians”. He said.

Chief Kalu concluded by calling on Buhari to tow the honorable path of allowing justice to run its course so that Atiku can take over soonest to give succor to the endless yearnings of the teeming Nigerians that have been victims of four years of purposeless leadership.

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