RDI: Our Rainbow Aspirant And Incoming…

Rev Dan Imo

By Dave Uma

Rainbow has come to mean many things in various societies, culture & religion.

In the Bible, after the flood that washed away humanity’s corruption & restored sanity, God put the Rainbow in the sky as a sign of his promise never to destroy the world again with flood.

Therefore, Rainbow is a symbol of hope. In many cultures, it represents promise,
peace, equality, luck etc

Rainbow equally symbolizes goodluck. The emergence of Rainbow could be an indicator of treasures during our lifetime, & after.

Rainbow, represents feeling of calmness & tranquility. In some cultures, Rainbow is believed to posses healing powers.

Rainbow is a symbol of new beginning. It’s a promise of brighter future.

The unifications of colours on a Rainbow is often thought to symbolize equality. This is because the Rainbow takes all the visible colours of light & combine them into a unified symbol to demonstrate equality. It’s therefore a powerful symbol to demonstrate diversity.

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Like the Rainbow, like Rev. Dan Imo (RDI)
With RDI comes genuine promises of hope & restoration of the devastation of two decades of political wilderness.

Aro/ Ohafia Fed. Constituency has been groping in the dark. What visible achievement have our past representative attracted to the constituency in commensurate terms, aside the renovation of some school blocks & other mundane & insignificant “achievements”

Rev. Dan is taking our constituency to an exceedingly phenomenon level. He posseses an eloquence that is confounding. It’s only a man that is tacfully persuasive like RDI that could pull such strings.

Looking at the Rainbow, we see the wondrous work of God. The beauty of the Rainbow is enthralling, magnificent, resplendent, mesmerising, charming, captivating. Just like RDI.

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Give us RDI to represent Aro/ Ohafia Fed. Constituency. He is eminently qualified & our constituents would have many colours of dividends of democracy.

Remember, without your voter’s card, you will only have your say, and not your way.

Together, with our votes, we will have our way.

Dave Uma.

Rev Daniel Imo

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By Amos Kalu
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