RDI: Raising Leaders Through Empowerment


By Dave Uma

Factually, It takes strategic leadership to achieve and maintain success in every project one undertakes in life no matter the prevalent circumstances existent in favour or against the goals. It is at that point that resilience and tenacity to succeed take over, a leadership quality that Rev. Dan Imo is imbued with.

Success is not only achieved through the availability of human and material resources, it goes far beyond that. The entrepreneurial and prudential abilities of any leader to ensure proper management, utilization and accountability of available resources to achieve a target objective is the climax. Therefore, to sustain resources, we require a good  Manager/Leader to sustain such a project.

Flowing from the above, Rev. Dan Imo (RDI) is known to have been engaged in various forms of Youth empowerments over the years, long before he mused the desire to venture into partisan politics to change the status quo, with the clear understanding that bad leaders will continue to thrive where and/or when good leaders do nothing.

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Before now, he had organised and successfully carried out many of such programs in various locations in our constituency, a rare feat that unequivocally stood him out as a people-oriented-servant-leader.

A couple of years back, RDI arrived in Nigeria with a team of medical experts from the USA. The exercise was a resounding success. Very soon, according to RDI, a program of immense benefit is coming to our constituency with the Youths and and others as beneficiaries.

RDI carries on his shoulder the problems of many while quietly proffering solutions. This can only be done by a man who has a genuine desire to serve.

Rev. Dan believes that the people you empower today become the soldiers of many others in the battle of economic recovery. This explains why he is so obsessed with useful empowerment programs for the Youths. He calls it “empowerment for self-sustenance”.

According to RDI, the greatest achievement one does is raising leaders who would in turn raise others. It leads to chain and sustainable distribution of resources resulting in economic growth, while conversely, reducing poverty to the barest minimum.

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RDI is showing incredible maturity and understanding of the political terrain of our constituency. He does not support nor encourage politics of bitterness, and rivalry. He accommodates everyone and all shades of opinions irrespective of party affiliations.

Let’s all step up our support for RDI. Register & get your voter’s card ready. Those outside the constituency should transfer to enable them to participate to enthrone our best hands.

Make it happen!
RDI is on the threshold of making history, reshaping leadership and service to the people.


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By Amos Kalu
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