Re: Uko Nkole Makes U-Turn on 2023 Guber Ambition, A Case Of Voice Of Jacob, hand or Essau

OHAFIA-TV News | Re: Uko Nkole Makes U-Turn on 2023 Guber Ambition, A Case Of Voice Of Jacob, hand or Essau

By Ndidi Okafor Ejieke

I read with great trepidation, a malicious publication against the person and highly respected office of The member representing Arochukwu/ Ohafia federal constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon. Uko Ndukwe Nkole by one Adaeze Ndukwe a pseudo account used by Prince Dan Kalu The Ghost Executive Chairman Of Arochukwu LGA in a publication on social media titled “UKO NKOLE MAKES U–TURN FROM THE 2023 ABIA GUBERNATORIAL AMBITION”.

Beyond dismissing it as the now fashionable campaign by all manner of relevance seeking commentators and publications, courtesy however demands that the usual misleading and highly opinionated allegations associated with such enterprise, be addressed for record and clarity purposes, especially for the sake of the uninformed and vulnerable members of the society.

First of all, I note with huge Sense of disappointment, after verification that the purported publication by the so called Adaeze Ndukwe is simply a case of ‘ Voice of Jacob and Hands of Esau”, as “she “is just one of those hirelings by Prince Dan Kalu to malign, slander, tarnish and bring to disrepute the hard earned reputation and name Hon. Nkole has built, protected and nourished over the years, as it is clearer that Hon. Nkole’s political trajectory and status have remained a source of nightmare to Dan Kalu and his Co-travelers for reasons yet to be made know to sons and daughters of Abam who have watched the display of irresponsibility at a time we should unite and build a more formidable political front in Abam and Abia North. Having said so, I therefore submit as follows;

  1. Hon. Uko Nkole has never, at any forum or platform known to me or any other person I know, declared interest to run for any position in 2023, and this keeps me wondering where the unknown “Adaeze Ndukwe “and her sponsors got their feelers or allegations from, especially when one considers the fact that Hon. Nkole is a sitting parliamentarian, whose social contract with the people of Arochukwu/Ohafia federal constituency is about clocking two years old in his second term in office.

We must appreciate and realize the fact that power belongs to God and not man, and as it pleases him, he gives it to whomever he deems fit .A clear case study was during the build up to the 2019 General elections where against all odds and similar diabolical hate permutations and persecution against Hon Uko Nkole, yet not just that he emerged victorious, but today he is the only federal representative of PDP stock from Abia North while the rest is history.

I will always use the story of the biblical David, Jesse’s last son as a reference point and case study.

For the avoidance of doubt, the phrase “Mr. Project”, a name Hon. Uko Nkole didn’t just received, but earned from the grass root unprecedented developmental strides around and within Arochukwu/Ohafia federal constituency and beyond, owing to his quality, efficient and effective represention has been a source of envy and bad blood from no less a persons than those that have remained direct Beneficiaries of his sagacity even in the position they occupy today, like Prince Dan Kalu. It should be placed on record that since the inception of the 4th democratic republic, no ABAM man has ever got elected as an Executive Chairman of the local Government council but today the Game Changer has reversed the narrative.

That Notwithstanding, I see Uko Nkole as a man who has remained resolute, committed and focused on the current mandate he’s holding and would not jettison or abandon it in the Chase for frivolities. Uko Nkole didn’t have business failure nor was he idle before joining politics rather Uko Nkole voluntarily retired from federal public service at a middle management class and hence couldn’t have lost focus to characters like Prince Dan Kalu a stack illiterate and his co-travelers.

  1. In my observation too, I noticed with dismay, that the so called lover of Abam has different agenda other than the development of Abam, wondering how the watery and plastic political permutations by the hireling in the said publication, which exposes how naive and uninformed some haters can be .And the big question is how will such analogy be of beneficial interest to the development of Abam,If the have genuine concerns for Abam progress and the write up is suggestive of diming the political light of Abam @ the National space chai illiteracy is a big disease umunnem!
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Their Abia political analysis and permutations fall short of any analytical test, and as such must be termed as mere waste of time and energy, lacking merit and one will ask whose interest is being served. With this, what comes to mind is that prince Dan is a rabid hater of ABAM and Abamams, and has shown that they don’t have the progress of Abam at heart.

Their diabolical wish and evil projections against Nde ABAM has come to limelight, to me this is the summary of their infantile media attacks on Mr Project.

  1. Part of Her unsubstantiated allegation that Hon. Uko Nkole executes federal government contracts with his private company further exposes the fact that the said character, Prince Dan Kalu cum “Adaeze Ndukwe “ lacks the basic rudimentary knowledge or idea of the role of a legislator in a presidential system of democratic setting like ours, as well as the processes and procedures in the award of such contracts as alleged by the said “Adaeze Ndukwe”. it’s instructive to note that mid last month Hon Nkole moved a motion on the need to investigate the status of road construction he attracted through FERMA and one wonders if “Adaeze Ndukwe Prince Dan Kalu” understands the import of motions.

Incidentally, Hon Nkole in that same motion listed the projects and the contractors handling them to include,

(A) Rehabilitation of Amaogbo and Ndi Mgbachara–Ndawa road along with Ozu Abam Arochukwu/Ohafia federal highway which was awarded to M/S Dose Marine Nig. Ltd.

(B). Repairs of Ozu Abam road Okagwe–Ebonyi Federal road in Arochukwu/ Ohafia federal constituency of Abia State.

(C). The rehabilitation of Amaikpe–Obinkita–Ndi Agbor spur at Arochukwu/ Ohafia federal highway.

(D). Award of contract for the major repairs of Umuacha–Bende–Ohafia Road in Abia State and,

(E). Maintenance of Igwu Bridge along Umuahia–Bende–Ohafia Road in Abia State.

In the light of the above, my question is; how could the visibly worried Hon. Nkole have demanded for investigation on the abandonment of the projects if the said contracts were being executed by his firm? Is it not a case of one shooting himself on the leg? The motion as refered above has vindicated and exonerated the federal lawmaker and has given credence to the fact that all the allegations levelled against him by his detractors are baseless, useless and meaningless.

Moreover, unless the poster is pretending to be blind like a bat or simply ignorantly insensitive to events in the country, she shouldn’t have made mockery of herself by attributing and blaming Hon. Nkole for alleged abandonment of such projects in his constituency, considering the fact that budget implementation for the 2019 and 2020 fiscal years were badly affected, largely retarded due to the Covid-19 pandemic, owing to its negative toll on our economy. Poor girl. Her paymasters couldn’t guide her properly.

  1. In all, his detractors in their publication, against all odds failed to dispute the fact that Hon. Uko Nkole facilitated the employment of over 150 Young graduates from Arochukwu/Ohafia into various federal government establishments, his water projects in Ndi Okereke Abam, Ibina Ohafia, Amuvi in Arochukwu, Umuozomgbo in Ihechiowa, Akanu Ohafia, and in other locations, the attraction for the rehabilitation of the Anyim bridge linking Abia to Akwaibom State, alongside the Afagala bridge, Abam Bailey Bridge, the distribution of about 100 vehicles (which Prince Dan Kalu is also a beneficiary) and over 500 motorbikes to ease transportation and boost commerce, distribution of modern teaching and learning materials worth several millions of Naira to schools in his constituency, to mention but a few. No. They didn’t dispute those achievements.

I have carefully gone through the Facebook official page of UKO NKOLE to even discover that far back 2017 Prince Dan Kalu and about 20 others from ABAM were sponsored by Uko Nkole into the state executive council as SA SSA etc

By and large the publication has really defined and exposed the real person of Prince Dan Kalu as a very greedy and over ambitious person, who will stop at nothing in pursuing his inordinate ambition, using slander as a major tool.

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In our days growing up at Ibadan I can vividly recall at EKOTEDO opposite queen cinema where Prince Dan and family rented apartment, but due to circumstances Prince Dan practically was accommodated by the Nkole’s then Assistant Branch Controller in the Central Bank and it could be said Prince Dan grew up and benefited from the Nkole family but today the path Prince Dan is treading is obvious he doesn’t appreciate and reciprocate good gestures.

It gives me concern again that after 20years when Hon. Nkole’s younger cousin who was Prince Dan Kalu’s business partner, late Emmanuel Nkole was gruesomely murdered in Calabar after a successful business outing between the two .That today Prince Dan again is using all manners of tactics again to attack Hon Nkole.
I want Hon Nkole who appears to be silent and completely passive in all these vituperations against his person to as a matter of courtesy to we his avowed folowers rise up to the occasion and not keeping quiet because what affects the eyes, also affects the nose. He is a son of Abam, if he chose the path of silence over matters of threat to his life, we will never tow the same line of silence.

Though It is a known fact that those who hate you because of mere jealousy over your success and achievements only end up hurting themselves, but there’s axiom in our place that once you ignore some certain omen, it becomes a tradition.

Yes when you carry an image of who they wish they had become petty jealousies is inevitable but Hon Nkole must look inward.

As for the so called “Adaeze Ndukwe”I fully understand your frustrations. But sorry your game is already dead on arrival, I think Prince Dan kalu should rather now focus on his job as the Executive Chairman and assist by filling what ever gap you see that exist in the development of ABAM rather than chasing shadows as you are also in Government, even at Executive arm that generates and control revenues and votes. Show us your works brother rather than investing your energy in chasing Uko Nkole’s shadows even when he has blatantly refused to come down to your level of petty politice of bitterness. Be reminded that your tenure is ending in less than 18 calender months.

Let me conclude by reiterating the fact that, from my investigation also, the relationship between Hon. Nko Nkole and the speaker of Abia State house of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Chinedun Orji, and by extension the immediate past Abia first family is not only mutual, but intact and complete, hence there is no friction, as the sole aim of the poster and her pay masters is to ignite and incite discord between these two Abians of inestimable value. They are brothers and have remained so.

For now, I am not aware that Hon. Nko Nkole is thinking about the next election, rather I am sure he must be thinking about the next project. So give us your own scorecard after being two time TC Chairman and Now elected Chairman unless you are immune to bringing development you can then enjoy your negativity personality.

The earlier you Know this, the more you know peace.
Moreso extend my regards to Kemi ….details soon

I am Ndidi Okafor Ejieke, From Ozu Abam who will not stand by to watch “Mbila Chogani Ikwugbu Ezi Ji”.

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