Redefining Politics, Ethics, Community Service, the Rev. Daniel Imo approach

Rev Daniel Imo

By Comr Amos Kalu

Since he entered the scene to prove his resilience and commitment to changing the narratives in politics of Arochukwu/Ohafia Constituency and Abia State, Rev. Daniel Imo, a successful US-based Businessman, Clergy and philanthropist, has consistently made case for good governance and people-oriented policies as the only panacea to achieving sustainable development in the society.

One of his cardinal areas of focus is his insistence that the Church cannot continue to standby and conclude that the issue of politics is a worldly affair whereas the decision made by the leadership chosen by the said worldly people also, directly and indirectly, affect the church. This is a campaign he has given much to propagate, and its far-reaching effects in the last few months cannot be overemphasized, especially judging from actions of his, in contrast with reactions from the people.

Rev. Daniel Imo while speaking at PCN, TRINITY MODEL CHURCH EBEM OHAFIA; reassured the body of Christ of his commitment to bring about a lasting change if allowed to Represent Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency.

He reminded Christians of the role they must play in electing good leaders to represent them accountably.
He also thanked the leadership of the church for standing up to the challenge to get engaged in redeeming Abia from the shackles of bondage and political slavery.

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Rev Imo urged members of the church to be well-armed with their PVC to choose him to come in 2023 and to defend their rights.

The church in response expressed their readiness and support to stand firm in faith towards victory and promised to keep praying for the clergyman REV DANIEL IMO, for God’s will to be done.

As a reward to his indefatigable doggedness, the people have resorted to speaking ideals of Rev Daniel Imo in solidarity:

Timely reminder…

“Rev Daniel Imo cleared medical bills of patients at Mben Hospital, amounting to One Million Naira.  Some nursing mothers who were unable to fund their medical bills were left at the hospital to work to clear their bills. 

“Rev Daniel Imo came to their rescue and allowed God almighty to use him to clear the bills to enable them to go home. God was well glorified and to Him alone be all the glory. 

“Let your light so shine that people will see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. “

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What Engr Kenneth has to say about RDI

“When a righteous leader is on the throne, the people rejoice.

“For every prophetic word of God for the people, it has the God part and the man part for it to come to fulfilment. But the people have been too long hypnotized.

“With Rev. Dan Imo we say enough is enough”

Hon. Emby also has a different perspective:


Let Go of yesterday’s “JUNKS”
Let “DANIEL” in
Rev Daniel Imo
The Champion of A New Dawn in
Arovhukwu/Ohafia 2023

RDI….. Touching Lives And Making A Difference
Powered By: Arochukwu/Ohafia Progressive Minds”

The testimony is unending, the expectations are promising, the anticipation will be rewarding, by God’s endless Grace.

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By Amos Kalu
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