Rev. Daniel Imo (RDI): Setting A Standard

Rev Daniel Imo

By Dave Uma & Amos Kalu

Despite the putrefying condition that characterises certain environments,  a flower that is known as LILY still sprouts, grow & survives in such an environment, defying the fetid smell prevalent in such clime as Abia presently exhibit.

Guess what? Despite such unfavourable conditions, Lily still flourishes in splendour,  producing naturally pristine colours,  amazingly and magnificently beautiful, notwithstanding any conditions surrounding its existence, it still brings forth beautiful fragrance at all times.
The dirty environment does not kill the Lily, nor does it impede its growth.

Finding someone who is unpolluted, uncorrupted and uncompromising on issues concerning representation in governance is still attainable because there is a reason why Lilly still grows in an unfavourable environment, to give hope, acceptance, revalidation and fragrance of progress.

Rev Daniel Imo is not in the class of those anyone can influence negatively as a result of his training because he is a man with political willpower that knows where to draw the line as he is imbued with inner strength. RDI is a man that speaks clearly with his voice, but loudly with his actions.

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In politics, we have all manners of people with positive, and negative vibes. While some come with sincerity of purpose, others come to wreak havoc & cause confusion.

Even as we cringe under the weight of the pervading inexcusable rot in our dear State, Abia, characterised by lack of transparency in our general body polity with its attendant malodorous drains, we still have a man who will set a standard in the art of governance; the man whose responsibility it is to turn the situation around for the better. It will no longer be business as usual.

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Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal constituency is yearning for good representation. RDI is in a pole position to fill the gap. He has the intellectual capacity, cerebral dexterity, the tenacity, he has the charisma and the Midas touch to effect change.

But remember, your voter’s card is your weapon to vote for the right candidates.

Reverend Daniel Imo is the Man for Federal House of Representatives come 2023.

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By Amos Kalu
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