RGB Prime Minister to resume work, tests negative after using COVID ORGANIC TAMBAVY

By Comr Amos Kalu

About two weeks back, the breaking news of positive test for COVID-19 of the Republic of Guinea Bissau Prime Minister, Engr Nuno Gomes Nabiam, came to us like a rude shock for many genuine reasons.

One of such reasons is that Engr Nuno Nabiam is a good man and a pragmatic leader whose good relationship with the Presudent, General Umaro Sissoco Embalo, have set prospects on the table for possible advancement of the Republic of Guinea Bissau. That was the first aspect that made the news broke everybody’s heart.

Rude as it were, we did not lose hope, knowing very well that the news of testing positive for Coronavirus is not a death sentence for people with no underlying health complications. Then came the moment of hope.

Recall that OTVNews reported that the President of Guinea Bissau, Sissoko Embalo was one of the first leaders in Africa to endorse COVID ORGANIC TAMBAVY, (the only proven treatment for Coronavirus produced by Madagascar), because he is one leader that believes in Africa, he believes that encouraging Africans to integrate on many fronts will guarantee less dependent on external help. Therefore, the case of his beloved Prime Minister was a test of his believe in Africa and a defining moment for the rest of Africa and the world who, despite confirmed prove of the power of COVID ORGANIC TAMBAVY believes it is harmful because it was originated in AFRICA.

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Few days after confirmation of the test, General Sissoko Embalo sent his emissaries to Antananarivo, Madagascar to procure and return a good quantity of the herbs which was immediately employed to administer treatment on the number 2 citizen and other affected citizens. This is the first prove of true leadership, placing the health and well being of your citizens above the quest for personal agrandizement.

Yesterday, the last result from Engr Nuno Nabiam’s Coronavirus status returned negative to the joy of all as he has left the isolation centre to reunite with his family and to resume his duties as the Prime Minister of Republic of Guinea Bissau.

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This is coming at a time when most African leaders are waiting for the western world to produce and hand a vaccine to them wherewith they can make more money against a proven medication working in Africa. Even as Nigerian Law makers are falling on top of themselves to pass a bill targeted at forcing their citizens to comply, by all means, to taking vaccine that is yet to be tested and haven’t been proved to be cure for Coronavirus. One then wonders “what is wrong with African leaders?”.

For the recovery of Engr Nuno Gomes Nabiam occassioned by the pragmatic action of General Umaro Sissoko Embalo through the efficacious herbs produced by Madagascar, is a sign that everything Africa needs to progress is within her.
It also proves that when the right leaders learn how to look inwards and believe in potentialities of the contentment, no people will ever address Africa as “Third World Continent”

Congratulations to Guinea Bissau for a positive leadership that has come to stay.

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