Score Card of President Buhari Vs Re-Election Bid

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President Buhari has been the most incompetent President Nigeria has had; both in 1983-1985 and now. Both times, the country went into recession. (Not again ‘Jumoke, you are sounding like a broken record).

Not one Ministry has seen infrastructural development under him. That’s not true. They are building rail lines. Fantastic!!!!!
But, we have to reduce the speed of those trains, so we don’t kill cows!

His Minister of Environment resigned this week and 90% of the population didn’t even know we had such a Minister!

ASUU has been on strike for 6 weeks, no one has heard from Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu.

Minister Fashola finally gave up on power and told us to hold the businessmen in charge of DISCOs responsible for lack of power. Meanwhile, government is still in charge of Generation of power.

Minister of Interior is only known to declare public holidays. We don’t even know his name. (RTD Lt-Gen Abdulrahman Bello Danbazau).

Name a working Ministry in the Buhari government.

Is it ICT, whose Minister Adebayo Shittu, boasted that he didn’t do NYSC because NYSC didn’t come to call him in his house.

Is it Sports, whose Minister Solomon Dalung, “spended” his entire Ministry’s budget; gets to the US with his entourage, while the Super Eagles are stuck in Camp, because no one paid for their air fares?

Is it Agriculture, whose Minister Audu Ogbeh, former Chairman of the PDP, told us to import Brazilian grass to feed cattle so herdsmen will stop killing humans for their farm produce?
Ogbeh also declared a fanfare to export yams to the US. The yams were finally returned 4 months later, spoiled, because of lack of conditioned containers. 
In 2018, Ogbeh told us we had so much rice for export, our problem was lack of bags to package them. Then the rains came and Ogbeh told us we may starve, as flooding was affecting rice farms across the country. So, all the rice we wanted to start exporting, we didn’t even have storage for them?

Is it foreign affairs, whose Minister Geoffrey Onyeama, couldn’t send a delegate, to the burial of over 100 Nigerian teenage girls sexually molested and killed on a Russian war ship? He wasn’t aware! What of xenophobia in South Africa, a Nigerian is killed every other week in South Africa! Nigerians trying to escape through Libya? We see them only on foreign media.

Is it Information, whose Minister, Lai Mohammed, hasn’t disclosed to the tax payers what ails our President, who we are paying for his medical tourism, but remembers to tell us the President can no longer speak his native tongue because of a brain surgery he had in London in 2017? Adding fuel to the fire of the Jubril from Sudan rumours. Our information Minister who told us that El Zakzaki is being fed with N3.5million monthly rather than be released on bail, as instructed by the courts!
He reacts to rumours rather than provide information. Nigerians have renamed him Lie Mohammed.

One wonders if the Buhari cabinet are for him or against him? But he’s found no need to reshuffle them. If it took him 6 months to find this crop, he definitely doesn’t have another 6 months to find replacements.

So, what exactly does a Buharist extol in him?

Buhari said fuel subsidy was a scam. He removed it, made petrol N145 yet still paying subsidy. Why is he paying for a scam?

He hasn’t obeyed court orders when it doesn’t suit him, but wants Nigerians to be law abiding.

When asked for achievements, his aides steal file pictures from the internet to deceive gullible followers but their lies always get exposed because in their archaic minds, they don’t know you can search the source of all pictures online.

Their funds for feeding children in schools is more than the entire budget for the Education ministry. But we see pictures of children being fed noodles without egg or meat in nylons.

They are sharing Tradermoni in markets to help poor traders. But after the N10k vote buying gift, will the poor trader come to them for help when she falls ill and cannot afford drugs nor quality health care? Will her children who are out of school, ever get out of poverty without quality education? Will her business still not need help from her neighbours tomorrow, in an environment that kills businesses fast?

Rather than build infrastructure; schools, hospitals, roads, power, housing; that every poor trader can take advantage off to get out of poverty in the future (at least for their children), the Buhari Government shares N10k that perpetuates poverty because it can’t make a poor trader rich! Not in 100 years, not with the harsh economic realities of Nigeria today!

Nigeria: who has bewitched you?

A government that has no solutions than to keep blaming the PDP. APC was formed with PDP members. That’s the only way they won 2015 elections.

People wanted a change from the old politicians. They formed a NEW party and started blaming their old party for the same problems people voted them in to solve!

Their Manifesto was hinged on Security, anti-corruption and economic growth!

Rather than kill Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen joined the league of terrorists!

Rather than kill corruption, President Buhari praised Gov Ganduje (Gandollar), a Governor caught on tape receiving kick-back from contractors in Dollars.

Babachir Lawal is still a free man. Indicted for cutting grass with N200m in IDP Camps. The victims of Insurgency being used as meal tickets, by a man from the President’s kitchen cabinet.

What of Maina of the infamous Mainagate? He was re-instated by President Buhari.

What of the economy?
Let’s overlook that the Minister had a forged NYSC certificate. Dollar moved from N197 officially to N350 in 2 years.
We went into recession and are on the brink of it again!

We moved from 10.5million out of school children to 13.2million. The Buhari administration said that is 2015 data, they haven’t done any research in 3 years. So, how do they know how many children they want to put in schools, if they haven’t counted in all the time they have been in government?
The figures may have gone higher as over 10million adults have lost their jobs in the last 3 years of this administration. Most companies had no choice but to cut down on labour force as the recession hit hard. The ones still employed, had salary slashes.

What has a Nigerian enjoyed in the Buhari Government that will make any one want to vote him in again?

Buhari’s children graduated recently from UK schools. He travels for medical tourism. That’s the number one civil servant, paid my our collective wealth!
How will anything change in the health and education ministries, when our President patronises foreign governments’ competencies?

Why should I vote President Buhari in 2019? What can he do in the next 4 years that he has laid a good foundation for already? Please convince me.


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