Shot 3 times & left for death; DJ MOG arose to make children smile with gifts on 27th May


Wonders they say shall never end in life. We live to experience difficult and strange happenings in our cause of existence, but God is the one that holds our life and detect it as he pleases. This interview by Joan Eno Mac and Precious Peters, our Benin Correspondence was engaging, interactive chat with DJ MOG; the cat with 3 lives who was shot 3 times and left for death after snatching his dream car. Enjoy his chat with us.

OTV: Sir, I am very much delighted to finally meet up with you, the very famous DJ MOG of Benin City. Please I know you now, but so many out there do not know you. Can you please introduce yourself to the world?

MOG: Well! I am so happy to meet with you, my name is Scott uyiosasere Oluwagbenga Ogunseri. My friends call me the proud Edo Son. I am an entertainer in my state and beyond. I happen to be one of the 8th Smirnoff Party ambassadors of Nigeria, and also one of the Guinness Ambassadors to influence Art in Central Division.

Ehhmm! I am a young handsome guy (General laughter), I think.

OTV: DJ MOG, we understand you hosted the Children’s Funfair on the 27th May to Celebrate the Children. Can you tell us what motivated you to host the event, considering your precarious state of health?

MOG: Yeahhh! Children Funfair today is one of my Pet-Projects that I love so much. It is a programme that I don’t care whatever it will cost me to achieve it, provided it will make a child smile, especially those that do not have the opportunity like others.

My Motivation for it was born some years back when I was driving towards the Airport Road, seeing Children during Children’s day or any holiday that concerns children, I see Children outside of a TV Station in My State (I don’t want to mention names). I saw them struggle to get into the venue because they do not have money to pay gate fee and so were being deprived of going in to enjoy with other kids. I stepped down there to ask what was going on and they told me they could not pay to go in. I was touched because I love Children so much, I have passion for children but unfortunately I hadn’t much on me and gate fee was N500, so I was able to pay for just 10 kids, but there were more children outside and it was a painful experience for me. I wish I had money to do more.

But I sat down that day and taught to myself, I am an Entertainer from this City, this State, what would it take me to organize a free show for children, so I decided to talk to my team and we agreed that we were going to be organizing two in a year, 27th May (Children’s Day) and 1st October. On these days, we give free gifts to Children. To shock the organizers of the other programmes that extort money from Children, we decided to make our show to be bigger and up to better standard to theirs, and the important thing is that it is FREE.

So by the grace of God, this last one we held on 27th May, 2018 that has just passed is our 5th Edition, and we give God all the glory because this show has blessed more than 5000 children….

OTV: Wow! This is very beautiful. How did you feel deep within yourself after the event, do you feel you have lost so much money? Open up to us in all sincerity.

MOG: Yap! My friends and family will sometime tell me that I don’t know what to do with my money, but like I said earlier, I can’t say I am a rich man, so I

have to sweat it out to ensure I carry out this event. But the truth is that any time I achieve this programmes, I feel blessed beyond measure. Seeing the children happy, jumping up and down, saying Uncle God will bless you and their parents saying God bless you. It makes me feel so good and say God thank you for using me. That is why I am praying that God will one day bring more sponsors that will see the pride in sharing this joy with me.

All….. Amen!

OTV: And I know so many people who are in your capacity but cannot dare to do it even if they had more than what it take, what do you have to say to them and also to the society about the children?

MOG: Hmmm! Is it not Lucky Dube that said “blessed is the hand that giveth…? Well for me, my mother has always taught me how to be comfortable with giving than receiving, so not everyone has that believe. But I am more comfortable giving and I see there are more blessings attached to giving.

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OTV: From the photos I have seen so far, you were carrying walking stick and I realize you have injuries which have incapacitated you for a while. But today I saw you jumping up and down with the children and making them feel so excited, what happened? How were you able to combine the work and your situation?

MOG: Yeah! The walking stick is a very sad memory, but I call it a happy one because I am still alive to talk to you today. Ehhhm! I was attacked by armed robbers last year September 28th, two weeks after celebrating my Birthday party in a big style, I was attacked and my dream car was taken, I was shot three times on my two knees and arm. So being alive to celebrate with children even with a walking stick is a thing of joy. Some of the kids will say, “Uncle thank God you are here now”. Yeah because on the fourth edition I was in the sick bed and my team did wonderfully well even as I was overseeing thing from my sick bed. The pictures will tell you it was joyful, so I allowed the Joy to be bigger than the pains.

OTV: What are your expectations for the future editions?

MOG: My expectations are very big. In this 5th Edition, we intended giving out scholarship to one child, but fortunately, the child that won the spelling drill happens to be attending a public school, and you know that our public schools don’t pay tuition fees. Then I asked the parents if there would like us to change his school? But considering that the scholarship was for just for a term, the parents opted that he remains in his school, so we issued check to support his books.

In the next edition, 6th Edition coming up on 1st October, I want the entire Museum to be locked down at the gates from where each child will be given their supper pack comprising their food, their drinks, their gift items, so that there would be no need to jostle on the podium “Uncle me, Uncle me!”. There will have enough gifts, face caps, writing materials and all that.

I am looking forward to God giving us more sponsors, good credible sponsors so that we can give up to 10 children scholarship. It will be dreams come true for me because my parents were able to pay my school fees to a certain level, from Primary One through to Secondary, I enjoyed Scholarships, I am looking forth to that day I will give it back.

OTV: Thank you MC DJ MOG, it was a pleasure talking to you. We look forward to attending the 6th Edition with the full OhafiaTV Crew if we are so invited.

General Laughter….

MOG: Thank you very, consider it done.


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