Should ECOWAS be partisan in Guinea Bissau politics?

OHAFIA-TV News | Should ECOWAS be partisan in Guinea Bissau politics?

By Comr Amos Kalu (AFK)

The role ECOWAS is playing in the upcoming Guinea Bissau election is very worrisome, dangerous and unacceptable, especially at a time when the Republic believe they need opportunity to move from backwardness and stagnation in the hands of self-aggrandising political stooges who place the interest of their sponsor against the growth and development of their nation.

It is clear that Guinea Bissau are people who has learn to say no to any bad government and has always done their best to unseat such government because they want to move on. But it is sad that while the people has clearly rejected the government and person that represent it, the current president, somehow, ECOWAS has their own different reasons to want him to continue by all means.

In this election, I have seen a clear and open rejection of an incumbent as a result of non performance, though he still have the constitutional right to seek office again, therefore I see it as unfair the way ECOWAS are creating undue advantage for him over other more popular candidates by supplying huge amount of money and other logistics for his campaign while leaving the others with nothing to compete.

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Apart from constantly trying to twist the Guinea Bissau laws to help him continue in office and failing, they are pumping in money on one candidate to share and buy the conscience of voters while the other candidates are going round the nation on the strength of their own personal resources. My question here is whose interest is ECOWAS serving? The people or their interest. Who are they protecting by their actions and inactions?

The duty of a body like ECOWAS should be to serve as fair umpire in Africa. Anointing an unpopular candidate against the will of the people is unacceptable and must be resisted by well meaning Africans.

A candidate who has been rejected by both fellow contestants and the electorates should not be forced on the people.

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ECOWAS should stop creating atmosphere that may plunge Guinea Bissau into looming crisis just for serving the interest of few greedy men.

I call on Nigeria who have great stake in Africa and ECOWAS to wade in to stop the ugly wave being stirred by Angola and Senegal in the name of ECOWAS.

Guinea Bissau must be allowed to decide their future. Desist from being partisan in a case you should be the fair umpire. You must stop creating undue advantage for one candidate over others.

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