Super Eagles, Atiku and the pulse of the nation message – Kalu speaks again

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Following the successful outcome of the Nigeria Vs Cameroun Match at the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations, The Director General of Atikulated Agenda Worldwide, Chief Dr. Emeka C. Kalu, have reacted in excitement through a Press Statement on Sunday signed by his Aide on Media and Publicity, Comr. Amos Kalu.

“While I was celebrating the victory of the Super Eagles against Cameroun in their last encounter, my mind drifted to the significance of soccer that has proven to be the most unifying factor for Nigerians.

“Over the years, football has done a whole lot of good because out of every rallying points of unity for all Nigerians of all ages, class, creed etc, it has remained on top because Nigerians tend to throw away every worries, problems and disappointment for the 90minutes of play and when the Eagles manage to come out victorious, the joy lives to the next day before it vanishes.

“Further reflecting on it, the true import of the word “PULSE OF THE NATION” becomes more clarified and succinct. The relieve, the shouts, the frenzy of excitement and joy where everybody equally throws up in the sky not  minding pride, greed, ethnic inclination and our multifaceted disparities.

“My mind went back to the Statement of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, “They must take the pulse of the Nation”. That some elements who loath the truth at all times, especially when it hurts, took offense at a realistic notion, should’ve known that any sensible leader should on a daily basis pause and reflect “On the pulse of the nation” if he/she intends to succeed or at least have any positive plan for the people whose enormous responsibility were placed upon their shoulders.

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“You must always take the pulse of the nation to know where your policy should go because talking “a pulse’ to a larger extent means listening to the cries of the people and adjusting your rigid disposition to pave way for a united and more prosperous nation.

“The judiciary and all institution should “take a pulse” from time to time to know when they’re losing their integrity and credibility in respect to whatever duty they are bound by the law to deliver, knowing whether it is still in tandem with the constitution and the desire of the general citizen rather than that of a privileged few” he said.

“To me, ‘Taking a pulse’ is like a student writing periodic continuous assessment examinations; to help the teacher assess the level of performance of the said child in other to know where to make adjustment.

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As a man that knows the feel of his nation, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar twitted and asked the super eagles to know the importance of winning the game they were about to have, reminding them that it is a good lifter of the spirit of Nigerians.  They got the message, they won and the spirit of Nigerians was lifted.

Meanwhile, I am still hopeful and looking forth to a statement from Femi Adesina commending HE Alhaji Atiku Abubakar for a positive prediction of outcome of the Nigeria Vs Cameroun game, so  that it will be a sign that every statement ever made by Atiku is on patriotic point and not based on antagonism which has come to characterize the disposition of Buhari’s handlers.

“Let us pay more attention to those things that unite us rather than those dividing us. When we are advised, observe it from the perspective of a public servant and not antagonistic standpoint of a wounded fighter.

Nigeria is our Nation, and only we can make it right irrespective of our divergent believes. Our unity and progress should be the melting point of our public actions and reactions.

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