The attack on Ebonyi Elites; the last phase of Umahi’s political hegemony – Osita


Well, this article is not intended to lampoon His Excellency, the incumbent governor of Ebonyi State, notwithstanding, it will let your ‘Yours sincerely’ know that victims of his media opprobrium are Their Excellencies in differing domineering capacities.

The unwarranted media attack has however, spurred outright pother and uproar among professionals. As some argue for, others opine against the moves. But a close examination of all the people who beck the governor’s hebetude has shown that over 60% of them are held by the hook of political appointment. About 20% are hopelessly hoping to catch the bait of same while the remaining 20% are hired praise singers in the guise of aides. All will soon be clear once the mass Exodus begins…

It is quite quizzical that the same men you lambast are people whose beneficence you had erstwhile enjoyed during your journey to the seat you ocuppy today. (Both in cash and kind). The same men you sang hymns on the campaign altars while they sat in solidarity at the front seats; The same men whose characters you told us, are ambrosial. How come did they turn Cultists and IPOB sponsors overnight because of internal fracas? Or does it mean you have been their Chief accomplice in the act throughout all these years of hypocrisy? (So to say). Well, who knows… All we know is that majority of the Ebonyians believed in you because of them respectively.

It was His Excellency President Goodluck Jonathan that said in 2017 thus:” leaders think about the next generation while politicians think only about the next election.” Does it mean you are no leader but a mere politician? We thought we elected a leader but your action has no resemblance of such.

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At this point, I don’t think it’s necessary to start fighting for the next election when the mandate for the second tenure has not been attained not even a tenth of it. The only two things we have achieved in your getting to six years in office now are hire and fire appointments and infrastructure. Be applauded for the good job because the hire and fire style of engaging people is really showing that you are running an all inclusive government heavily infested by hunger everywhere.

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Yours sincerely, please do lead us, we are tired of politicking.

PDP is not shaken in Ebonyi State but some people will continue to run from pillar to post till January 2022 when the battle line would be obvious…

If I were you, I would let the sleeping dog lie.

Engr Osita Kalu Ugoji

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