The impeachment move against Akeredolu, Kalu tells PDP what to do.

OHAFIA-TV News | The impeachment move against Akeredolu, Kalu tells PDP what to do.

The PDP Youth Alliance National Publicity Secretary, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu, has reacted to the impeachment moves against Ondo State Governor, Mr Rotimi Akeredolu over some allegations of misappropriation from the state account saved by the previous government in a secret account without following due process.

Much as the matter has been surrounded with scepticism and fingers pointing to the direction of Alhaji Ahmed Tinubu’s boys whom the governor must have been penned down in the black book of “Kingmakers” of APC, with alleged millions flying around to achieve the impeachment move. It then becomes easier to know that his case is a typical instance or giving ‘Dog’ a bad name just to kill it.

Dr Kalu has therefore, in statement he personally signed, adviced the PDP in Ondo State to capitalize on this APC plot to destroy their own to take back the state and save her from the high-handeness and “One Man Business” political style of APC that has made “Godfathers” the lords over Nigeria while the citizens remains helpless spectators. 

In his words, Dr Kalu said, “Remember, not too long ago, the manner in which Lagos state governor was pushed aside because the Godfathers said so. I think it is time we begin to capitalize on these excesses to work for greater good of  Nigerians.

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“Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State has been a good leader, but if he has been penned down to take a fall in APC, I advice him to seek refuge in PDP to give him ground to fight back because we must not all become slaves to the whims and caprices of few that believe that they own Nigeria”.

Dr Kalu also called on the PDP in the Ondo, especially the youths to be alert to see how the APC drama plays out, advising the party to throw in all the nets of harvest to make the best of the situation being created by greed of some leaders.

“Nigeria is in search of good leaders with track record of performance irrespective of party affiliation and therefore we should resist the culture of letting the few determining who takes what, especially as 2023 is coming when Nigerians will make a statement of fact to determine their future as a people” he concludes.

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