The Peaceful Protest And The Eminent Opportunity To Restore Broken Hope By Our Leaders

Umuahia Protest

By Comrade Paul Kalu.

The lessons of the protest should not be hastily swept under the carpet by both the leaders and the youths.

The youths have made their point, expressed their anger and resentment with the way things are been done in this country. The abuse of their rights, the unlawful killing of their comrades by trigger happy armed personnel, the politics and system of government skewed against their growth and development in a country they call theirs.

They have also expressed their anger against the popular belief that the youths are only good as thugs for election purposes and after the elections they will be redeployed as body guards and social media attack dogs of same politicians both the ones that losses in the election and those that won.

The protest surely is to state that the youths are mentally, emotionally and Intellectually capable of driving growth and development in the system, both government and private sector.

They are eminently qualified to be included in the running of government and appointed into key government positions other than the constant sidelining of the young people from government.

The protest is to tell the elected and appointed public office holders that they should see their position as an enabler for the people around them to grow and positioned to contribute to nation building.

The protest is to tell the leaders that the more they refuse to see to the rising of those around them and the growing young population of our country, soon the protest will start from their gate to their kitchen before getting out to the public.

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The youths deserves better than they are getting. The conspiracy among the elites against the youths of this country should stop and the elite should give the young ones the opportunity to grow.

The forthcoming LGA election is a great opportunity for the leaders in Abia state to make a loud statement that they have heard the cry of the youths and ready to make a positive change and include them in the scheme of things.

The ruling party should as a matter of urgency allot greater percentage of the elective position in the forthcoming elections to the young people and women in various LGAs. The local government council should be a grooming ground for future leaders and not a retirement ground for aged politicians.

In Abia an opportunity to further allay the fears of the young people and restore their hope and trust in the system is glaringly staring us in the face and how we choose to see and use the opportunity is what matters.

The Governor of Abia State, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu has a track record of youths inclusiveness in government and has more young people working in his government than other Governors in this dispensation and I truly commend his strong faith in the capabilities of the youths.

I urge our State party Chairman Hon Chief Alwell Asiforo Okere to use this opportunity to write his name with gold and engrave it in the heart of Abia youths by seeing to the emergence of youthful LG chairmanship and councilorship Aspirants as candidates of our great party In the upcoming December 18th, 2020 LGA elections.

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Having made our voices to be heard, I therefore call on all the young people to sheath their sword and give little time to the government and our leaders to attend to our numerous demands. We don’t have to destroy the Infrastructures built with our own money.

Who has ever cut off his nose to spite his face? Let us please give peace a chance and continue to be law abiding as we have always been. We don’t need to give miscreants the opportunity to carry out their nefarious activities and have it blamed on us.

We are stronger, more united than they thought and this they have acknowledged so let us not destroy the strong reputation we have built over the years.

God bless Nigerian youths and grant eternal rest to the souls of those that were gruesomely murdered while protesting peacefully.

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