Today, history is re-written as Nigeria lost. They chose 9/11, Kalu reacts to verdict

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There Director General of Atikulated Agenda Worldwide and Global Innitiative for Good Governance (GIGG), Chief Dr. Emeka C. Kalu have reacted to the outcome of the PEPT final judgement which was ladden with much tention as to where the pendulum of justice will swing. 

In a statement signed by his aide on Media and Publicity, Comr. Amos Kalu and made available to the press, Dr. Kalu expressed disappointment in the Judiciary whom he said have lost their last opportunity to redeem their already battered image. Not because the judgement didn’t favor PDP/Atiku, but because bad precedence have been set in Nigeria by the last hope of the common man – Judiciary.

He said it was not unexpected though but wonder why some people are celebrating this ineptitude and wanton display of legal subversion as never experienced before anywhere in the world.

“Today, Justice was subverted and the judiciary further exposed themselves after losing their only opportunity to redeem their already battered image.

“The outcome of today’s verdict was not unexpected, but upholding every iota of falshood just to please few people against the will of majority of Nigerians is what beats my imagination because among every other wrongs, our judiciary have succeeded in making Nigerians understand that education is a scam

“From today going foward, it is clear and profound that beating yourself black and blue to acquire certificate in Nigeria is a farce as all you need to do is to take a picture with your principal and classmates, even if you dropped out of school or never started any, just make sure you appear in school photograph, keep it and wait. That is the part that is making me weep for Nigeria. How did we get to this crossroads in the first instance” He queried. 

Dr. Kalu further threw more light on the assertion of most people that he and other supporters that have refused to give up on Atiku are milking him, insisting that such impression was childish as he is actually investing more in actualizing what he believes that Nigeria will stand to benefit if Atiku is given the opportunity to steer the ship of a prosperous Nigeria because his experience both in politics and civilian circle has given him the edge over trials and error as he has proven over the years to be progressive, productive and hardworking.

‘I laugh when people erroneously talk about milking Atiku as if every believe of a man must be equated with monetary inducement. No! Our support is borne out of believe in a better Nigeria and we will continue to invest in it until Nigeria is emancipated. That’s the real deal” He said.

“Since the Judiciary have decided to rob herself in the mud, we will pursue this to a logical conclusion by meeting them at the Supreme court because it is never over until it is over”.

“The Judiciary is the last hope of the common man and we will continued to demand for justice until Nigeria masses are placated.

“Atiku is coming because #DemocracyWon today, the truth will always win”. Kalu concluded. 

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