UK Activist Reveals True Meaning Of ‘Four Fingers’ Often Raised By Buhari

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According to Carol, Buhari mimics his Sudanese friend, Al Bashir, whom the United Nations and the West’s findings revealed was sponsoring Janjaweed (an Islamic terrorist group in Sudan) and recommended him to the International Criminal Court.

“Sources suggest that Buhari received funds from Al Bashir in his earlier campaigns, and also from Libya.”

For years nobody could understand the link between Al Bashir, Janjaweed and the massacres in Dafur. The United Nations thought they were working with Al Bashir to destroy Janjaweed and were depending on the Sudanese Army to halt the Janjaweed. Al Bashir gave all kinds of reasons why they could not defeat Janjaweed which had a free run to drive Christians out of Northern Sudan.

He kept running around his neighbours like Chad and Libya pretending to create alliances to fight Janjaweed whilst perfecting the trans-Arab Islamic plan to cleanse North Africa and Sahara of all Christians. He called on Janjaweed, his brothers, to lay down their arms and embrace peace but no peace came till Janjaweed completed their role.

Meanwhile, the world was perplexed as Al Bashir found it easier to bomb the Oil producing south (sound familiar) which was forced to develop first a Guerrilla warfare and then a regular army to fight Al Bashir and North Sudan. It wasn’t until the United Nations and the West realised that Al Bashir was the sponsor of Janjaweed that they finally held him responsible and recommended him for the International Criminal Court of Justice” ~ DailyNewsY

4 Fingers of Buhari, a call for Islamic Brotherhood takover

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