Update On The Mysterious Boy Found Inside A Wall In Ondo


A Few days back news broke of a Lad who was found inside a wall and the question on everyone’s lips was ”How did he get inside an old wall?”

This is an update and the words you are about to read ain’t mine.

I want to give you the update on the mysterious event that happened in Ondo state Oduduwa street precisely. I heard it is a case of ritual.

The boy is a 12yr old found in the middle of the molded block.
The boy sang for like 3 days before the people around the area found him.
The wall was singing without any radio. The people were confused so they broke the wall only to see a boy inside the wall.
This boy had been declared missing several years ago by his parents. The boy was summoned to the wall from a spiritual altar. He has been there for over 5 years feeding on flesh and blood from the spiritual realm. The boy has become what we Yoruba’s call ‘Ebora’.

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Even the boy’s parents said a spiritualist once told them to forget about the boy. That he has been sacrificed on an evil altar.

The police are looking for the owner of the moulded block house. That block was erected over 20 years ago. The parent of the boy has been advised to take their son for deliverance because he is not just a boy anymore but ebora.

Mysterious things are happening.
Nkan Nbe”.
From BV Olayinka


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