Your media trial shows your level of ignorance, let’s meet in court, IPOB tells Malami


…says 20,000 youths have been killed by Nigerian security agents

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has described
the the media trial of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB by the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, as emanating from ignorance and inability to prove his case before the court.

Malami on Friday during a press conference alleged that Nnamdi Kanu hijacked the #EndSARS protests last year to create mayhem that led to the death of security agents. The AGF also alleged that IPOB seized the protests through subversive and inciting statements leading to destruction including the burning of the palace of Oba of Lagos.

Reacting to Malami’s allegations, IPOB Spokesperson, Comrade Emma Powerful, described it as disgraceful, adding that the press conference was full of untenable allegations. Powerful said that it was unfortunate that Malami could not wait for the court to hear his seven count charge on the IPOB leader, but decided to run to the media to continue what he termed;“the show of shame from one who is afraid of the court.

“Why not wait for us at the law court instead of resorting to media trial. That shows he has no case to prove against IPOB. This latest show of shame by Malami also shows the level of his ignorance and cluelessness in the office he occupies.

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“To put the records straight, IPOB remains a peaceful movement and was never involved in such barbarities Malami was linking IPOB with. Instead of killing security agents, IPOB members have been the victims of the extra-judicial killings by the wicked Nigeria security operatives as no fewer than 20,000 of our members have been murdered in cold blood by the Nigeria security agencies.

“It is not controvertible that innocent IPOB members and Biafran youths have been wasted at different times by the Nigeria security agencies.

This genocide against IPOB is still ongoing, yet they want to suddenly change the narrative.” The IPOB spokesperson also said that the armed group disturbing the South East whom the media currently referred to as ‘unknown gunmen’ were a creation of the Nigeria security agencies to implicate and demonise IPOB. “We have no hand in the killings in parts of Biafra land.

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The federal government, which is sponsoring the killings is desperately looking for excuses to implicate IPOB and nail our leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU who they renditioned from Kenya. “Our leader is innocent of all the concocted allegations and lies vomited by Malami against him. It is clear to all and sundry that IPOB was not involved in the #EndSars protests. “Nigerian youths who were fed up with the evil in Nigeria vented their anger during the #EndSARS protests which took place simultaneously in different parts of the country. “IPOB could not have been the ones behind the protest which was a spontaneous reaction of dissatisfied youths against the maladministration in the country.”

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By Kalu Odinakachi
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